Our Philosophy

At FCK:NEW we think it is important to integrate care and compassion into business life. The costs of selfishness are too high for the individual, society, future generations and the environment. An economic system not only produces goods and services, but also shapes people and cultures. We therefore need a "caring economy", an economy that is oriented towards the well-being of people instead of placing performance and efficiency above the happiness of the community.

The NGO OneTreePlanted

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organisation (501(c)(3)) dedicated to global reforestation. Their projects span the globe and are carried out in partnership with local communities and knowledgeable experts to protect nature, people and wildlife. They also educate people about the importance of trees, help companies like ours to become more sustainable and motivate younger generations to do something for the environment. 10% of our net profits are donated to support these projects. We recommend a visit to onetreeplanted.org.

The fashion industry's ecological footprint

"The global fashion industry caused around 2.1 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, which corresponds to 4% of total global emissions. This figure is comparable to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of France, Germany and the United Kingdom combined. Around 70% of the fashion industry's emissions come from upstream activities such as the production, preparation and processing of materials. The remaining 30 % is attributable to downstream activities in retail, during the use phase and at the end of the use phase." (McKinsey, Fashion on Climate) So how much can be saved by reusing clothes is obvious - quite a lot!


Our shipping partner DHL's GoGreen project offsets the CO2 emissions generated during transport by investing in internationally recognised climate protection projects. Although this is more expensive than non-climate-neutral shipping, it is a price we are happy to pay. For this reason, climate-neutral shipping is not optional in our ordering process - climate protection should never be! Find out more on DHL GoGreen.